Star Fox Adventures: Amethyst Edition - Debug Functions

This page explains the debug functions added in Amethyst Edition.

Note that these are likely to be unstable, and to change between versions.

Global Controls

At any time, press:

  • B, while holding L+Z, on Controller 1 to open the PDA menu.
  • Start on Controller 3 to toggle time stop.
  • Y on Controller 3 to advance one tick while time is stopped.
  • D-pad Up on Controller 3 to cycle through displaying heap stats.
  • D-pad Down on Controller 3 to dump heap stats to the console.
  • Start on Controller 4 to abort the current cutscene. This is very glitchy; some scenes will just restart or crash, and you can make the game unwinnable by skipping important events.

Also, as with all GameCube games, hold X+B and press Start to reset, the same as pressing the Reset button.